August 10, 2020

Upgrade Notices – ClickPOS App

Upgrade notices for ClickPOS App

The upgrades are feature improvements we provide as an ongoing maintenance to the ClickPOS app. You will see a notice on ClickPOS app to notify there is a new version. To check the version you may be using go to ClickPOS Settings and at the bottom of page you will see the version you are currently using.
Below are a list of upgrades. Please notify the staff members who may benefit or be impacted by the new features.

Version 1.6.6(93) Upgrade date: 08/08/2020

Page : Settings > Payments > Eftpos MX51
‘Enable Moto’ is included to accept credit card payments when card is not present. Enable the option upon approval from the bank. You will see a new Payment Tender option in Sale for taking payment. Amount will display automatically on the terminal, then enter card details using the pin-pad.

Page : Close Register  > Settle Eftpos
Settle Eftpos on Close Register : The MX51 eftpos ‘Settle’ option is now available in the Close register page. Use the settle button at the end of the day or shift to and reconcile against ClickPOS eftpos total amount. The Settle button will print a total summary of days Eftpos takings directly from the bank summarising each type of payment.

Page : Reports 
The reports have been optimized and now populates the reports much quicker. The reports are restricted to 30 days maximum in the search date criteria.

Version 1.6.5(87) Upgrade date: 29/07/2020
Page: Sale > Delivery and Product variant list sort order change 
Previous version listed in alphabetic order, this has changed to order in which items are added into system.
Upon each upgrade or resetting of local device, the list order will revert to the original entry order. The following lists are impacted
           – Delivery item (Table numbers)
           – Product variant options ( Attribute, Variant, Product Attribute, Product Variant)
iPhone v11 support – Sale screen toggle to menu list fix for older version of ios. 
Version 1.6.3(82) Upgrade date: 16/07/2020

Page: History screen 
Refreshes the sale details on selection of invoice.

Page : Product > Variant
Enhance the product variant add/edit view. Includes Search option

Page: Settings > Station Print 
Option to save printer to the Local device or Globally visible by saving to the server.
Settings, Hardware – Hides “Print receipt after sale” if no default printer is allocated.


Version 1.6.1 to 3 Upgrade date: 08/07/2020

Page: Settings > Hardware > Print ‘Included Items’ in station print and invoice 
New feature to print included items on the dockets. previous version did not allow to print included items 

Page : Re-Printing order items
Now a WARNING is displayed on dockets if the items previously printed is requested to be re-printed. This avoids re ordering the same item. See the Warning at the bottom of each docket if one or more items are re-printed. 

Page: General bug fixes and stability improvements
Optimised the History page to refresh quicker.  

Version 1.5.6 Upgrade date: 15/06/2020

Page : Settings > Staff > Add/Edit > User Group permissions
New features to control which groups of staff has access to the system. Nominate a User Group and tick the areas of access for the group. Then assign each staff member to relevant group to allow or deny access to ClickPOS. For example, we have pre-created Groups called, Administrator, sales staff, store manager etc. Please check each groups permissions on a regular basis as upgrades may include areas which requires review.

Settings > Staff > PIN (a 4 digit personal identification number)
You may set a pin number for each staff so as staff changes from one to another, they require to enter a PIN code.  This provides security for user actions. Please make sure all administrator staff has the PIN set.

Settings > Video Tutorials
Tutorials and help page is now with the app for your convenience.


Upgrades previous to 1.5.4

Visit App store under Clickpos point of sale to see all previous Version History