June 2, 2020

Browser POS – System Requirements

ClickPOS can generally run and perform well on all operating system and browser.
Though some browers may not be as comfortable as other.

We always suggest Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (New Chromium Edition)

The only condition is when you want to connect to a POS Printer.
In this case there are certain requirements that must be met.

Read on for further information.

Legacy Printer Support

To connect to a legacy thermal receipt printer, you are required to utilise ActiveX controls via Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Or emulated via ClickPOS Connex.

All USB, Parallel, Serial models are legacy and must adhere to the minimum operating system requirements to ensure printer functionality.

Minimum Operating System: Windows 7 or greater

Ethernet or WiFi models that offer ePOS support are not considered legacy and can be used with any operating system and browser.

E.g.. Epson TM-T88VI-i, TM-T-82II-i.
In most cases the ePOS supported model numbers end in -i.
Ensure you check your model specification to be certain.

Connection and Setup guides can be located https://support.clickpos.com