November 28, 2022

Bar & Pub POS system

Bar & Pub POS system includes all the right tools for counter orders, meals printed in kitchen, table service, bar tabs

Minimal staff training required. Easy to navigate and step by step sales process. 
Allows food orders to be printed to off premise locations (for those that want to provide food but orders from nearby food suppliers) 

KEY FEATURES - Bar, Pub point of sale system
ClickPOS bar Pub pos
Customer facing display with promotional images

Enhance customer experience with customer facing display. Displays each item sold, total payable & promotional advertising images.
Search & download the ClickPOS Customer Display from Appstore.

ClickPOS is perfect for Bars & Pubs

Your new staff will instantly familiarise with the navigation of menu.
ClickPOS includes powerful features to create combinations of food sale process.

  • To sell, simply tap on product and then the payment type button.

  • Sell items with price variation, like a Tap beer which has different price for each glass size.

Food orders will print directly to kitchen 

You can also print a copy for customer with a unique number for calling when foods ready for pickup.

Here are some Bar & Pub specific features
Print order dockets for kitchen and copy for customer
Take orders directly from tables using floor plan
ClickPOS table order floor plan for restaurants
Choose your own Eftpos Integration

Connects seamlessly to Eftpos, including Tyro, Westpac, Till Payments,  

Performance at your fingertip

See takings and powerful reporting on your iPhone on all your stores.