November 19, 2018

Video Tutorials

ClickPOS App user training videos

The guides and videos below shows how to setup and operate the ClickPOS App. 
Any person with basic computing knowledge can setup the entire system. 
Click on each section and copy the link and send to each staff relevant to the task.

Connecting devices

How to install iPad casing, printers and eftpos

ClickPOS App Software setup

Learn how to setup the App so it is ready for operation. the guide includes how to add staff names into the system, build product catalogue, Add registers, company logo to receipts and many work flow of a sale.​

Sales team training

For staff that will be making sales, taking customer orders, processing payments, this section will guide your through how to start the day by opening the register, make a sale, Refunding, selection of delivery options and end of day procedures.​

Management reports

Check end of day totals, report types and features. evaluating best performing services.

Device Setup

The section below guides you through hardware setup, such as printers and system settings

Tutorial shows how to connect the  Power, Cashdrawer and iPad USB power cables to an Epson M30 Bluetooth printer.
UT500   2:16 minutes
Connecting Bluetooth Printer to ClickPOS App. 
Includes station printing, for fast food stores that wish to provide an Order number to a customer, to call when food is ready.  
UT510   3:28 minutes
Connecting a Network Printer to ClickPOS App. 
Includes station printing, for restaurant type businesses with kitchen orders, Printing the order straight to the kitchen improves efficiency. Add as many station prints as your business requires, including Barista, the Bar, or the Kitchen. 
FYI: If you do not wish to install network cabling, you may purchase Bluetooth printers which may require signal boosters for uninterrupted connection. 
UT520   4:03 minutes
Connecting a plug and play Buzzer to Kitchen printer. 
Most buzzers are connected to the printer cashdrawer plug and a melody plays as it prints. A buzzer is used by Restaurant kitchens, plays a melody or chime  sound for noisy kitchens to highlight a new order is printed.
UT530   1:53 minutes
Enable Epson Buzzer option and Melody sounds of Epson OT-BZ20 . 
Video shows how to Enable the kitchen buzzer option on Epson TM-M30.
Unlike other buzzers, the Epson buzzer does not play out of the box.  in order to hear the buzzer, you need change the Printers buzzer settings as it is Disabled by default. This is only applicable for the Epson OT-BZ20 model M251A buzzer.
The end of video also plays the different options of melody.
The kitchen buzzer, is attached to a printer in the restaurant kitchen. The buzzer plays a melody sound each time a new order is printed. 
UT531   3:09 minutes
Integrating EFTPOS –  Westpac mx51. 
Having Eftpos connection is crucial given majority of customer payments are made by card. As you finalise the sale, simply select Eftpos payment, and the amount is automatically displayed on the Eftpos terminal which avoids manually typing in saving you hours every day.
On terminal press  ENTER  and 3  to see wi-fi connection menu
UT550   3:31 minutes 

Elo Paypoint register basics
Basics of Elo PayPoint register. Elo paypoint is an all-in-one register designed to use in conjunction with an iPad, turning your iPad into a stunning point of sale system.
HW90   1:41 minutes

Cashier Training

The Cashier training is all about the taking customer orders and processing payments.
The examples focuses on the App being used at retail front counter at the main point of sale register, 
however for service industry, process your entry simply on your iPad 

Sale with Delivery, Park Sale and Split Pay
Learn how to sell to a telephone order, customer pays on delivery so Park sale until payment is received and create other sales with split payment.
UT122   3:07 minutes

Sale with Customer Pickup
Learn how to create a sale where a customer will pickup order personally.
UT124    1:37 minutes

Edit sale using right side of window
Learn how to modify sold items, quantity, sale price & add notes to sale items, including deletion of invoice.
UT128   0:57 minutes

Various search options and scan barcode
Learn how to Search products to sell. Use of iPad camera as a barcode scanner and standard scanner for selling barcoded items
UT130   1:27 minutes

Sale Refund
Learn how Refund a sold item and print a refund receipt items
UT150   0:59 minutes

Sale Refund to Eftpos
Refund an item or entire sale using the Eftpos terminal. Refund will be paid back to customer card.
UT132   1:32 minutes

Close Register and Logout
At the end of trading day or shift, Close the register and logout of system.
UT195   0:43 minutes

Initial Setup and Administration of System

Use the following videos to get started and future maintenance for adding new employees, products or services.

Add your Employees
Learn how to add your employees that will operate the ClickPOS App. By adding their names, you can keep track of their sales history
AT20   1:32 minutes

Add your Products and Services
Learn how to add your Products you supply to your customers, including categorising and sub categorising for easier search, and adding variants. 
AT30   3:33 minutes

Build AddOns to products
Your product or service may have a list of INCLUDED items and optional ADDONS for customers to choose from. Using a Sandwich as an example to create the new product, build its options then sell and print the order docket.

Administration documents (Support centre)

Below offers more helpful hints and user preferences

By tapping the links below, you will be redirected to our support centre site which contains support for all other ClickPOS products.
We recommend you use the “ios” in the SEARCH section to find all help on this APP.

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