January 8, 2021


foodpod app is Free with ClickPOS

foodpod (food Pickup Or Delivery) app is designed to compliment the ClickPOS point of sale system by offering your customers to download the app, order and pay with a choice of Pickup Or Delivery.

the ‘pod’

Weather you provide Pickup Or Delivery service, your store will be listed within the foodpod’s list of restaurants, cafes and takeaway store providing your customers an online ordering portal.

The foodpod app is fully integrated to the ClickPOS point of sale system. Unlike other food ordering portals, your menu is dynamically updated from your point of sale to your online portal. When your customers order and pay, the orders are visible in your point of sale ready to accept it. On acceptance, ClickPOS app prints the orders in Kitchen and other stations. The foodpod app is provided free as a part of the ClickPOS point of sale app.

If you take a lot of telephone orders, then it makes sense to direct your customers to foodpod online ordering & payment. Saving hours by having the staff preparing food rather than on phone.   

Includes card payment portal

After completion of order, the customer can make payment and the order appears on your screen. 
Accepts all major credit cards within Australia.

Charges to customer includes,
1. the items purchased
2. credit card processing fee (optional)
3. Delivery fees (optional for those that provide a delivery service with own drivers) 

Receipt to customer by manual print at

Batch payment and Fees

Each payment customer makes is recorded will be calculated and forwarded to you weekly every Thursday.
ClickPOS will charge a ‘processing fee’ and deduct the amount before making payment to you. The fee is  based on current bank nominated average fee and data processing fees. 

Fee free to you: This fee can be added to each customers order as Credit card surcharge fee.

Activating foodpod online orders

The foodpod app is only available to ClickPOS app users. This means you need to be a registered and paying member of ClickPOS in your retail outlet as a point of sale system before we can provide this service to you. 

To activate the foodpod, Please email our support team and request Online ordering activation for your company email : help@clickpos.com

Then login to ClickPOS.  Go to
Settings >  Online Orders 
then edit each of your stores stores profile.