November 2, 2023

Connecting an Epson Ethernet Printer to ClickPOS

Learn to connect Ethernet Cable and setup Receipt printer in ClickPOS

A printer with Ethernet plug allows connection of multiple iPads to multiple printers whereas a Bluetooth printer can only connect to one iPad. The ethernet connection is suitable for businesses that require multiple printers eg a restaurant with printer for customer receipts, kitchen order docket, bar, barista.  So when an order is taken from at the table or at pos, each order will be printed at various locations to fulfill the order..

In this example learn to
– Connect ethernet cable
– Adding printer to clickpos
– Print a customer receipt

The printer has many uses in your store, like printing a receipt to customer, prints integrated eftpos receipt, end of day balance and order dockets.
Clickpos supports Ethernet and Bluetooth printers, Specifically Epson and Star model printers.

Back of TM-M30 model.

Connecting Ethernet cable

Using the ethernet cable, connect one end of cable to your modem and other end to the printers ethernet port.
Switch printer on. New Epson printers will print connection status with iP details (after 10 seconds). This means the connection to modem is successful. 

Technical Note: By default a new printer models such as M30, T82 etc models are DHCP enabled. Some older /used printers may be set to specific IP address, the setting can be changed on printer settings (new printers). Older printers require connection to windows PC to change from IP to Auto detect  settings.

Adding printer to ClickPOS

Now its time to add the printers to ClickPOS. On ClickPOS go to

Left menu > 1. Settings > 2. Hardware > 3. Receipt printer

Tap + to add new printer

Then tap Search (green button)

The search result will display a list of found printers,
Select a printer (that matches the IP address printed)

Now perform a TEST PRINT. This will show you which printer you selected.
It will print a small “Test print”

You have the option of giving printer a name, so it is easy to identify if you have multiple printers. In this example this is the “Pos” printer.

NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: New printer models support up to 48 characters on one line. If you have an older printer, you can adjust the number of characters here.  You will know when you print an order docket that the line breaks “=== … “ will go over to a new line taking two lines to print. Count the number of characters on the new line, and reduce number of characters accordingly.  Most old printers support upto 42 or impact printers 37 characters.


Tap Save, and Close

The Tick along the printer : if you have multiple printers, the printer with the tick will print the customer receipt. Simply tap on right side to select the main pos receipt printer.

Congratulations, the printer has been setup

Print a customer receipt

Now lets make a sale of item and then tap on payment button,

If you have the option to “Print invoice after each sale” as ON, then after tapping payment, the receipt will print automatically. If not, then once you take payment, the customer may ask for receipt, simply tap on ‘…’  on top right of Sale screen, then tap “Print Last Receipt”

Now lets teat a sale and print receipt.

Other notes on Printer with ethernet connection

Ethernet plug on printer
If you are sourcing your own printer, check the back of the printer has ethernet connection capability. Other connections such as USB, Serial, parallel are not supported by clickpos ios app.

Ethernet cable
At your building, the printer needs to be connected to your internet Modem using the ethernet cable. Cables are sold pre made with various lengths.  Before you buy the cable, measure the full distance from your modem to where the printer will sit.