November 28, 2022

Restaurant POS system

Restaurant POS system includes all the right tools for table service & counter ordering for takeaways

Minimal staff training required. Easy to navigate and step by step sales process.
For table service, tap on floor plan to take orders by using iPad mini’s. 
Each order will instantly print at the nominated printers, like the kitchen, bar or cafe.

The video shows general functionality of ClickPOS.

If you already have an iPad or an iPhone, you can download the ClickPOS app on your device.
Enter your menu and trial it for free. 
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Setup for Restaurant point of sale system

A typical restaurant point of sale system requires the following recommended hardware.

At the front counter.
– An iPad as the main POS
– Recommended printer for front counter, which can print order docket, customer receipt, eftpos receipt and end of day balances.
– A Cashdrawer for those taking cash payments.

Table ordering iPads
You may invest in iPads to take orders directly from the tables. The staff will simply select the table number from the floor plan, and take the order. The order will print at each location eg kitchen or bar to instruct staff to prepare for the table.

In the Kitchen
Depending on the size of your restaurant kitchen, you may need one or more printers. If you have several staff stationed for various tasks then each station may need its own printer. ClickPOS can print various order dockets from one printer for each station.

– A recommended ethernet connected printer for kitchen orders. 
– Optional kitchen buzzer. When order prints, the buzzer will beep or play a melody to take chefs attention that there is a new order.

Wi-fi and Internet modem.
A strong wi-fi connection is important when taking table orders. Please take into account that the iPads have a strong wi-fi connection at the furthest point in your establishment. If not, then invest in a wi-fi extender.

If you have more than one printer in your restaurant, then please note that each printer should be connected via the Ethernet connection. This means you need to network the printer with an Ethernet cable from your internet modem to each printer. 

For those with one printer, a Bluetooth connection is also acceptable.

KEY FEATURES - Restaurant point of sale system
Floor Plan with table number links

Use additional iPad or iPad mini to take orders directly from tables. Designing the floor plan is easy using the table images.
When taking the order, simply tap on the table number and take the order.  

ClickPOS table order floor plan for restaurants
Kitchen buzzer

Kitchen buzzer chimes a sound on new orders. Connected directly to the Printer.

Kitchen buzzer
Here are some Restaurant specific features
Choose your own Eftpos Integration

Connects seamlessly to Eftpos, including Tyro, Westpac, Till Payments and others

Performance at your fingertip

See takings and powerful reporting on your iPhone on all your stores.

Order your hardware

Suitable hardware for your store.
Buy your own iPad that supports latest iOS.
We can supply all other hardware such as printers, cashdrawers, consumables.
Supported thermal printers : Epson, Star, Element 
Supported connection type: Ethernet, Bluetooth

Kitchen hardware

As order is taken, relevant items are printed in the kitchen. Recommend an Ethernet connection.

Supported thermal printers : Epson, Star
Supported connection type: Ethernet