July 24, 2020

Sales team training

All about sale screen

For staff that will be processing sales, taking customer orders, processing payments, this section will guide your through how to start the day by opening the register, make a sale, Refunding, selection of delivery options and end of day procedures.

The Cashier training is all about the taking customer orders and processing payments.
The examples focuses on the App being used at retail front counter at the main point of sale register. 

Sales rep training - Click here

Training includes opening and closing day procedures, how to make a sale, price variants and add-ons,  refunds, taking payment, printing invoice on demand.

The Point Of Sale screen reference

A quick reference to each button. Some icons will only apprear when triggered. Eg Print failure or Offline mode.

A. Main menu – Administration of system settings, reports, log file, employees, Log off, payments and printer settings.
B. Expand sale screen – Removes left main category list for more sale icons.
C. Offline sales – appears if internet connection is lost. A list of sales made and saved locally on device. Once internet is available, tap icon to upload to server. This icon will only be visible once offline sales occur, and must be uploaded before register is closed.
D. Printer icon – appears if cannot print. Displays a list of items that has not printed. Once printer is working again, tap the screen and either print items or simply remove from printing.
E. Foodpod online orders – the icon appears when online orders is activated. Shows the list of incoming online orders. Tap each item and accept order.
F. Table orders floor plan – appears when Floorplan with tables is created. tap icon anytime to take orders from table.
G. Search icon. Search items list by name or product barcode.
H. Barcode icon – uses iPads camera to scan barcode or QR code. Most common usage is to scan the QR code on order dockets to bring up past sales for example a telephone order that will pay on pickup. use the QR code printed on order docket to bring sale up for payment processing. Same process can be used for a bar tab. It can also be used to scan and sell, simply scan barcode/QR code of product.
H. Barcode Scanner (top middle scan option) For those using external bluetooth barcode scanner, enable the option on hardware settings to view and scan and sell.
I. Delivery type. Track type of delivery to customer, options for different scenarios such as a Walk in, Telephone order, Dine in and Delivery etc. Icon also allows maintenance of delivery types. In settings, the delivery type can be made to pop up before each sale begins, and it will default to last selection.
J. Customer icon. Attach a customer to a sale. Specifically, if the customer is a regular on account customer. Create new or maintain customer details including name and address as well as on account for pre and post paid customers.
K. Invoice options – Extended functions like, Print Last invoice for customers that wants a receipt, add a Note that appears on invoice and order dockets, Open cashdrawer, toggle between offline sale mode, holiday surcharge settings and Delete entire invoice option.
L. Toggle between Tile or List mode. Tile mode is what is displayed below with large icons, the list mode is better for iPhone or smaller iPads.
M. Menu Categories – tap ALL to see all products, or tap each category to view items under the category.
N. The product itself. Simply tap item to sell.
O. Apply discount by % to all items being sold.
P. Sales Tax value for the sale amount
Q. Sale price. includes sales tax
R. Park Sale used to put sale on hold. if customer is going to make payment at the end of meal, or has forgotten their card and you wish to serve another customer. Simply Park sale.
S. Express pay buttons. Pay buttons are default to display once PAY button is pressed. However, option in Payment settings can be activated to be displayed on this page as well.
T. PAY button. More options for payment, such as splitting bill, including a payment if an account customer is making payment, use the PAY button.

Top buttons

foodpod Online Orders

If you have activated foodpod online orders. the icon will display number of orders and sound a chime. Simply accept or reject orders.

Floor plan - Table Orders

Table orders appears when Floorplan with tables is created. tap icon anytime to take orders from table.

Search for product

Search icon. Search items list by name or product barcode.

Delivery Type button

The delivery type, is basically how your products will be given to customer. The options displayed may vary depending on your business requirements.

Above image shows the Tel- Pickup option. Where cusotmer is asked their Name which will print on order docket to call customer when food is ready.  

A. Enter Sale Note: such as customer name 
B Select Time when food will be ready 

Other options will force different input, such as
– Delivery will require a customer name selection, with delivery address. and optional fees automatically added for selected travel distances, or suburbs near by.
– Table order list will list tables. This is same as  Table Floor Plan.

Customer button

Tap the Customer icon to Add new, edit or sele t an exisitng cusotmer .
A. Amount displayed in red means, the customer is on a post paid account. They will make payment at  end of your payment terms. Eg end of month
B. More info, is to view the account and accept payment from customer. So if customer wishes to make payment on their account, tap the (i) icon to view details, accept payment, and increase their credit limit.
C. Amount displayed with PP and in green means, Pre Paid customer. They made a lump sum payment and will use the payment to make future purchases. Tap the (i)  icon if customer wants to Top up the account

A customer with zero balance is just a selection of customer without account setup.
A customer can also be selected in the “Delivery Type” as explained below.

Sale Options button

A. Print last receipt – for those that do not print receipt, if customer asks once payment is tapped, you can re-print last receipt. Last 3 didgits of invoice is displayed. Note: You may also reprint from History page.
B. Open cashdrawer  – open an electronic cashdrawer.
C. Add Sale Note- Add a Note to current invoice. The Note will display on screen (in history) and order dockets and on customer invoice.
D. Delete Sale –  An invoice is opened as soon as you select an item (even if you delete the item, the invoice is still open, this can carry to next days sale as well)
E. New sale – If you are in the middle of a sale, however need to crweate a new one and preserve the existing, use New Sale to leave the one and open a new invoice. Go back to previous sale via History page.
F. Manual offline sale. If your internet dropps out, this option will automatically switch ON, and it is upto you to switch off again when internet is back online again. If you are selling at a remote location with no internet, you may also do offline mode, however the eftpos will not integrate.
G. Holiday surcharge. Is an option to add surcharge to invoice. You may select the upcoming day of week, and add the %. Dont forget to swtich off the surcharge following normal day of week. The surcharge also displays above the pay buttons highlighted in red colour.  

Resolving common issues

Bluetooth Printer has stopped printing

For Bluetooth printers, check your Apple device, Bluetooth settings is On, if so check to see of Bluetooth printer is connected. If connection is failing, switch printer OFF, then on again. The light will blink to show printer is looking for a device. Switch your devices Bluetooth off and On to connect. Note: The Bluetooth printer can only connect to one apple device at a time.

Eftpos has stopped connecting

Each eftpos provider may have different connection instructions, however basically all operate the same way. The Westpac MX51 Eftpos will show ClickPOS at the bottom right of screen, If so, it is connected. If not, go to ClickPOS, Settings, Payment and select MX51 option to re-establish connection.

Emailing of reports doesn’t work

You need to setup and email account on each iPad device before you can email reports. Setup email accounts on Apple devices Settings option.

Cannot connect to server message

Your device is losing connection to the internet. If you are connecting using wi-fi, you may be too far away from the router. Check the router settings that is not connecting using the 5G setting. 5G will work for a few meters away from the router. On your device change to alternative wi-fi connection.

Cannot download the Upgrades

For Apple devices, ClickPOS only works on iOS software version 11 and above (as of July 2020). This means the older Apple devices are not supported.

Video tutorials

Watch youtube video to guide you through the options 
Some videos below may look slightly different or features enhanced over the years.  New videos will be updated as they become available. 

Sale with Delivery, Park Sale and Split Pay
Learn how to sell to a telephone order, customer pays on delivery so Park sale until payment is received and create other sales with split payment.
UT122   3:07 minutes

Sale with Customer Pickup
Learn how to create a sale where a customer will pickup order personally.
UT124    1:37 minutes

Edit sale using right side of window
Learn how to modify sold items, quantity, sale price & add notes to sale items, including deletion of invoice.
UT128   0:57 minutes

Various search options and scan barcode
Learn how to Search products to sell. Use of iPad camera as a barcode scanner and standard scanner for selling barcoded items
UT130   1:27 minutes

Sale Refund
Learn how Refund a sold item and print a refund receipt items
UT150   0:59 minutes

Sale Refund to Eftpos
Refund an item or entire sale using the Eftpos terminal. Refund will be paid back to customer card.
UT132   1:32 minutes

Pre & post paid customers
Learn to create Pre Paid and Account customers. Sell items to regular customers that chooses to pre pay (pay upfront) for future purchases. System will display current balance on payments page, or alternatively bill customers at the end of a period, by creating an account customer with a credit limit. Show how to send a statement and accept the payment for all previous invoices.
UT126 3:05 minutes

Close Register and Logout
At the end of trading day or shift, Close the register and logout of system.
UT195   0:43 minutes