July 24, 2020

Sales team training

Learn to sign in, open the register, take orders, process customer payments or refunds and close the register

For staff that will be processing sales, taking customer orders, processing payments, this section will guide your through how to start the day by opening the register, make a sale, Refunding, selection of delivery options and end of day procedures.

The Cashier training is all about the taking customer orders and processing payments.
The examples focuses on the App being used at retail front counter at the main point of sale register. 

Click here to view functions of sale screen​

Video tutorials

Watch youtube video to guide you through the options 

Sale with Delivery, Park Sale and Split Pay
Learn how to sell to a telephone order, customer pays on delivery so Park sale until payment is received and create other sales with split payment.
UT122   3:07 minutes

Sale with Customer Pickup
Learn how to create a sale where a customer will pickup order personally.
UT124    1:37 minutes

Edit sale using right side of window
Learn how to modify sold items, quantity, sale price & add notes to sale items, including deletion of invoice.
UT128   0:57 minutes

Various search options and scan barcode
Learn how to Search products to sell. Use of iPad camera as a barcode scanner and standard scanner for selling barcoded items
UT130   1:27 minutes

Sale Refund
Learn how Refund a sold item and print a refund receipt items
UT150   0:59 minutes

Sale Refund to Eftpos
Refund an item or entire sale using the Eftpos terminal. Refund will be paid back to customer card.
UT132   1:32 minutes

Pre & post paid customers
Learn to create Pre Paid and Account customers. Sell items to regular customers that chooses to pre pay (pay upfront) for future purchases. System will display current balance on payments page, or alternatively bill customers at the end of a period, by creating an account customer with a credit limit. Show how to send a statement and accept the payment for all previous invoices.
UT126 3:05 minutes

Close Register and Logout
At the end of trading day or shift, Close the register and logout of system.
UT195   0:43 minutes

Resolving common issues

Bluetooth Printer has stopped printing

For Bluetooth printers, check your Apple device, Bluetooth settings is On, if so check to see of Bluetooth printer is connected. If connection is failing, switch printer OFF, then on again. The light will blink to show printer is looking for a device. Switch your devices Bluetooth off and On to connect. Note: The Bluetooth printer can only connect to one apple device at a time.

Eftpos has stopped connecting

Each eftpos provider may have different connection instructions, however basically all operate the same way. The Westpac MX51 Eftpos will show ClickPOS at the bottom right of screen, If so, it is connected. If not, go to ClickPOS, Settings, Payment and select MX51 option to re-establish connection.

Emailing of reports doesn’t work

You need to setup and email account on each iPad device before you can email reports. Setup email accounts on Apple devices Settings option.

Cannot connect to server message

Your device is losing connection to the internet. If you are connecting using wi-fi, you may be too far away from the router. Check the router settings that is not connecting using the 5G setting. 5G will work for a few meters away from the router. On your device change to alternative wi-fi connection.

Cannot download the Upgrades

For Apple devices, ClickPOS only works on iOS software version 11 and above (as of July 2020). This means the older Apple devices are not supported.

Administration documents (Support centre)

Below offers more helpful hints and user preferences

By tapping the links below, you will be redirected to our support centre site which contains support for all other ClickPOS products.
We recommend you use the “ios” in the SEARCH section to find all help on this APP.

Open Register
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 Add or remove cash from the register

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