January 19, 2023

FREE Online Ordering App for takeaway shops in Australia – foodpod

Online ordering app for food business

Accept Table orders using QR code, Pickup and Delivery orders with payment gateway already setup. 

Stop paying huge commissions to online ordering portals. Foodpod is free with ClickPOS. Your customers can order, pay and best of all, the order is displayed instantly in your POS. 

foodpod online ordering app can be downloaded by your customers to their Apple or Android phone so its readily available to tap and start ordering. 
We also provide a URL link to so your menu is available on your business website.

Convert your telephone orders to Online Orders. Our clients have saved hours simply by advising their regular customers to download the foodpod app, and start ordering via online.

Foodpod online ordering app

Intro video on foodpod

Create awareness

Each time you receive a telephone order, encourage those customers to download the foodpod app. Ultimately to free up time for you to concentrate on preparation of food rather than on the telephone taking orders.

We supply a links for you to advise your customers to download the app. 
Use your social media, google page, website, and posters at shop front  to advise your regular customers  to download the foodpod app.

Increase the value of your business

When a customer registers orders from your store, using the foodpod, the customer details are saved in your ClickPOS database. This is an incredible asset to have when in the future you decide to sell your business

Get to know your customers by name

The foodpod captures and displays customer details on each order, so you can start referring to them by their name to give them more personalised service.

How to setup foodpod online ordering

Build your menu using the ClickPOS app. The ClickPOS app only operates on an Apple devices (iPhone or iPads). Once your menu is built, activate your foodpod in ClickPOS to accept Pickup and or Delivery (delivery requires your own drivers)

Then activate the foodpod app. Your store and menu will instantly display on the foodpod app portal.

Your shop will be displayed to the customer as being the closest shop in the area. 

Fees for online orders

When a customer makes a purchase using foodpod, they use their credit card to process the payment. 
The credit card is processed by the payment portal that all banks use. This portal has fees associated with it. These include a credit card surcharge % and a flat processing fee. 

foodpod gives you the option of charging the fee to the customer or if you decide to wear the cost of the fee, then the fee is calculated and charged to you.

All payments are collected by foodpod and paid directly to you on nominated dates once the funds are cleared.

For Pizza, A step by step Deal selection

Advanced options, for selecting Deals. The customer is given a step by step option to select from the deal, along with Add-On options on each selection. 

For Cafe's, select size and add-ons

Coffee options have Size which dictates price, and then displays categorised add-ons for example, milk types, sweetener, strength etc.