April 21, 2020

Business Types

Take away food

Fast food business needs all the tools to operate efficiently and this means keeping up with walk ins, telephone orders and delivery orders. Take orders with minimal effort and in return view graphs and reports to make important decisions as to what time of day is busiest, what items are selling most or least, what type orders, take outs, pickup or delivery on a given time of day, day or a week.
Prints an order docket for customers, connection to Efpos and many other features. Create prepaying or post paying account customers.


A Restaurant require efficiency as the business relies on certains times of the day when demand is higher.
Setup printers at front counter, kitchen, bar or any other location where orders are prepared.
Take customers order at tables using a mobile tablet (or a phone). Prints orders directly at at each location. Even printers at off premise location.

Split customer payments, take moto payments, print or email customer receipts.
Create an account customer for regular ordering customers, then bill them at end of month.


Most bars combine drinks and food service, See how we can make it efficient for your setup.
Crisp clear tiled buttons makes selling quicker and easier . Add or change pricing of drinks for happy hours etc.. Take integrated eftpos payments for a faster transaction

Trades and Service

Access ClickPOS on the road using your telephones data. Provide mobile billing and emailing receipts. Keep track of customers, service dates and warranties.