January 9, 2023

Service & Repair POS

Service and Repair point of sale system

ClickPOS system caters for full tracking of Service and repairs. 
Track customer details, item being serviced, parts replaced and labour fees.
Prints multiple copies for customer to sign and repairer to attend.

Items sold can be tracked for returns and claimed as doa from supplier.

ClickPOS generic version is a powerful point of sale. At the counter, take customer details, enter details of faulty hardware, take deposit from customer and print details of terms and conditions of repairs.

On repairs page, you may include common reasons for repair, including taking details of manufacturer warranty items

Notifies customer on progress of repair either by email and or SMS (fee applies per sms)

Repairer can add parts, to the job, the parts are taken off stock, keeping inventory of parts in line with what’s on the shelves.  

There are many other functions available. Including scan and sell, invoicing, account customers, integration to accounting and eftpos.

Please email our sales team for your specific requirements and nominate the type of service or repair shop you operate.
Email to sales@clickpos.com