June 23, 2023

Clothing & Apparel Store POS System & Software

Fashion industry specific functions

Create your own barcode and adhesive labels, then simply scan and sell.

ClickPOS is works on windows PC, using the web browser, allows adminstration access to system anywhere. 

Faster inventory entry and sales

ClickPOS is ready to go with the right tools.

  • Windos PC, scan & sell
  • Epson t82 for Customer receipts (usb or ethernet), End of day prints, Cusotmer Credit notes
  • Cordless barcode scanner (usb charge to PC)
  • Zebra labels printer to print your own labels as you add stock.
  • Integrate to partner eftpos tertminals for seamless sales.

Create adhesive labels

The fashion industry is one that requires maintenance of ever changing styles. This in turn can take a lot of time entering inventory. 

ClickPOS is designed to save  immense amount of time, by easily creating combination of Category, style, colour and size to create not only product names but builds your catalogue AND prints adhesive labels.

Below is ClickPOS product catalogue wizard. Easily create new seasons offerings by simply selecting from options. 
Creates product names, barcodes, and prints labels for as many items and size combinations.  

ClickPOS build catalogue wizard for fashion