August 8, 2018

Point of Sale for iPad

Your iPad can be used as a powerful point of sale system.

Keep trading while others are closing their doors, Take pickup orders, delivery orders and table orders.

Perfect for Restaurants, Cafe's, Bars, Mobile food service even Trades person for tracking customers & invoicing

The most affordable point of sale on the market.

.The app is designed to process sales and create invoices capturing customer details and identifying delivery options. 

The product catalogue includes multi variant options, which means offering selection options for your customers during the sales process. For example, a cafe may select size, sugar, type of milk for a coffee order, and a clothing store may build products based on selection of size, colour, style. 
Your staff requires minimal training as products can be easily identified with crisp clear thumbnail images.

For retail, the iPad can be fixed into smart casing. There are many options to suit every business. Optional integration to docket printer,s cash-drawer and Eftpos terminal. System is scalable and can operate a single or multiple stores. We can provide pos hardware and full support in all aspects of installation and start up.

Simple screens, easy staff training

Sale screen features

  • Touch screen enabled
  • Create a Sales and customer receipt
  • Select customer during sale
  • Option for Delivery selection before sale
  • Option for Employee selection before sale
  • Use of device camera for barcode scanning
  • Enter Notes per sale
  • Create Order dockets for different departments
  • Create Order docket for customer with a unique number
  • Process payments Cash, Eftpos & user defined
  • Accept multiple payments per invoice
  • Integrate Eftpos via bluetooth
  • Park sale
  • Add further products to Parked invoices
  • Print or Email receipts

Printing and customer display

  • Supports multiple station printing eg Kitchen, bar
  • Support for print Buzzer (rings on new orders)
  • Supports remote printing (off premise printing)
  • Customer Display screen App (for customer to view items at POS)
  • Supports multiple store operation
  • Register Closure prints daily reconciliation
  • Tracks cashdraw withdrawal or addition

Build menu & product catalogue

  • Build product catalogue
  • Add image to each product
  • Assign Master and sub categories
  • Unlimited product variants
  • Assign Included items to each product
  • Assign optional Add-ons to each product

Customer details

  • Create customers
  • Accept a pre-payments
  • Create an account for customers
  • Email or print a statement to customer
  • Accept orders for pickup or delivery to customer

Reports and Graphs

  • All reports - by Hour, Day, Week or Date range
  • All reports by selection of one or more Branch
  • Sales Dashboard- Summary of sales
  • Sales report - Sale, Gross Profit, Buy and Discount
  • Delvery Report - By type of delivery method eg pickup, phone, home delvery, Uber, table
  • All reports convert to PDF or Email
  • By Master and Sub Category - Drill down to product level
  • Performance of Top/Worst Selling products
  • Sales By Staff
  • Sales by Invoice
  • Customer Statement on Outstanding invoices
  • Customer Statement on PrePayments

ClickPOS App Pricing

Our pricing model is simple, just one price per pos register per store. Includes the full functionality of system.
Add unlimited sales staff sharing the one user licence. For example, if you have staff working different shifts, they will use the same licence.

For additional devices, within the same store, simply request to add more user or register licences.

I have my own iPad
Supply ClickPOS App only

ClickPOS App Pricing
and included service

Free Trial for 3 months

ClickPOS App $39 per month per store
Additional registers within the store $22 per month
Additional Users $11 per month

Includes one register/user access
Add unlimited employees

Includes email support
Online sales staff training videos
Fully hosted here in Australia
No requirement for servers or backups
Requires internet connection
Works on iPads and iPhone

Already have an iPad

If you already own an iPad, click the App Store link below

Or search “ClickPOS” in App Store.

1. Download the ClickPOS App.
2. Fill in basic information form.
3. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Tap on the confirmation link.
4. That is it. Your database will be created. Use the login details emailed to you to gain access.

Number of products displayed on Apple devices

ClickPOS team supplies a wide range of point of sale hardware including iPads, all-in-one iPad cases, printers, cash-drawers, rugged iPad covers.Visit our Online Store Or Fill in form and we can discuss your particular requirements.

Below are Apple devices which shows the number of items displayed on Tile and List modes.
If you have lots of products you may choose to operate on list mode and perhaps the larger 12.9 inch ipad. Regardless of which iPad, the ClickPOS system has been designed to operate just as efficient even on an iPhone.

More video tutorials here

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