April 5, 2024

Commbank smart eftpos – Smart dash integrate and pair to ClickPOS

Commbank Smart Eftpos now integrates to ClickPOS

ClickPOS now integrates to Commbank Eftpos Smart terminal. Once paired, make your sale from clickpos and amount will automatically display on commbank smart terminal. On iPad you can see the progress of payment is approved or rejected. 
Pair to clickpos in minutes, and save hours on manual amount entry and avoid user errors. 

Once the pairing is complete, the eftpos will no longer work stand alone, and will only work on sales via clickpos. If you require to go back to stand alone mode, simply disconnect the paring, and change back to stand alone mode, more information on switching between paired and stand alone modes below.

Before Pairing eftpos

Build your product menu so all options and prices are ready

– Connect your Receipt Printer and test that receipt is printed. Once paired, the eftpos receipt will be printed on the Receipt printer and not from the machine.

– Provide full training to staff as to how clickpos works so they are ready to start selling via ClickPOS app.

Connect eftpos machine to Wi-Fi

Once you receive your Machine, Connect to your Wifi and leave machine on to charge.  
The Smart Dash app will be uploaded by Commbank (machine requires minimum 40% charge before smart dash app can install itself

By default, the machine may be on 4G mode. Eftpos and ClickPOS needs to be on same wi-fi connection otherwise you cannot pair. 
Below is a you tube video from commbank on connecting eftpos machine to Wi-Fi. 

On Eftpos Terminal - Activate Smart Dash

How to PAIR CommBank Verifone CM5 terminal to ClickPOS, using the SmartDash app
The integration to Commbank uses the Smart Dash app to connect to ClickPOS, so it needs to be activated. Follow instructions below on your eftpos terminal

Start the Pairing on Machine

Now you are reay to Pair with ClickPOS. Follow instructions below on the eftpos machine

Now go to ClickPOS and start the pairing

Both eftpos and ClickPOS needs to be on the SAME WiFi connection. 

Sign into ClickPOS and Go to
1 – Settings 

2- Payments > tap the ‘+’ to add new
3- Select SPI

NOTE: By default the ‘Payment Name’ is “SPI”, you can change this to “Commbank” or “Eftpos” etc.

4- Enable Express Pay (this will allow to show button on main sale page)
5- Pos based surcharge, if you are charging your customer the Eftpos fees, then simply tap this option ON
6- Save

7- Tap Connect to EFTpos

8- Select Payment Provider, “Commbank Smart”

The the machine Serial number and IP address should appear automatically, however you may need to enter the numbers.

9- Tap Pair with EFTPOS

You have successfully paird with eftpos terminal

Now go to ClickPOS SALE screen, and a new button should appear

Below image shows a sale with eftpos Surcharge, being charged to customer

Congratulations, you have successfully paired the pos

Other Options

Switching between Paired back to Stand alone mode

Switching between Paired and Standalone mode. It is important you familiarise with how to switch between the two options. Once paired to ClickPOS, you will no longer be able to take payments directly from eftpos. 
To take manual entry payment, switch to Standalone.

Remove receipt printing

By default, the receipt printer will print a receipt, if you do not want to print, follow instructions below.

You may print customer receipt, which includes the eftpos receipt on sale Screen, Top right icon “…” and tap on ‘Print Last Invoice”

Receipt Printing
– Please note: To print a receipt from your receipt printer, you need to setup printing. 
If you have multiple printers, the one that will print the receipt will have the Tick along the right hand side of printer.
See Hardware setup on printers user guide. 

Link to Smart Dash full user guide and Commbank support team

– Smart Dash merchant portal user guide
– How to pair to POS user guide

Contact Commbank support for integration issues 
Note you need to mention you have the Smart Dash for pairing.
In Australia : 
Commbank Integration Support
Tel : 02 3819 7000