March 2, 2021

foodpod admin

"Activate Online Orders" - foodpod administration

foodpod is an app offered to your customers to download and purchase your products or services and make a payment for a pickup or  delivery.
Your benefits of going Online, is to save you immense amount of time wasted on telephone or email orders The main purpose of the foodpod app is to streamline the ordering process,  You eliminate time wasted on telephone, and mistakes that can be made on manual orders. 
Unlike other apps, foodpod is fully integrated to your internal ClickPOS point of sale, so you simply press one button to ACCEPT the order and all details are captured to the point of sale, Including the Itemised list of Order, the full Payment, and Customer details.

Your customers can download the foodpod app to android and apple devices

Activating Online Orders

Before you activate Online orders, you are required to fill the following “Foodpod merchant services agreement” form.
In this form, nominate your bank details so that foodpod sale transactions will be deposited, agreement on bank fees on each purchase.

You may opt to pass on the bank charges onto your customers.

Foodpod merchant services agreement

Specify your bank account details. Email back to

Getting started - Product Catalogue

To get foodpod up and running, you need to go to Products page and for each product switch ON the Available Online 

  •  Left Menu > Products > Select a product > switch ON “Available Online”

This switch allows items to be displayed and available for purchase on foodpod. It will also display master and subcategories.

When an item is Out of Stock
The same switch can be used if a particular product is Out of Stock, At any time, if this stock is unavailable, simply switch OFF. For example if you are operating a restaurant and you have run out of fish, you need to immediately turn the product OFF so customers do not order it online. 

A photo Image should be added for each item.

Product Description will also display when user selects the item. Describe its content including any allergy ingredients.

Items with Zero Priced value will not display on foodpod 

Now lets activate your presence on foodpod.  To activate the Online Orders, go to 

  • Left Menu > Settings > Online Orders

Simply tap the Activate button.
Then select the following options 

Online Orders settings

You need to select at least one or more options of Pickup or Delivery (coming soon Activate Table Orders)

By switching OFF all options,  will deactivate from displaying your menu on foodpod.

  •  Activate Pickup Orders. In foodpod, displays the Pickup Option when user is finalising the order. Offers user to select the Date and Time of pickup, which displays on the Order Docket.
  • Activate Delivery Orders. In foodpod, displays Delivery Option, User is asked to confirm or enter delivery address details. and Charges the delivery fees as per settings.
  • Activate Table Orders. (coming soon) In foodpod, displays the Table order option. This option allows your customers to scan a QR code at the table which displays your menu and option for entry of table number.
Profile Description and Photo
Enter a brief description of your offerings, including type of food category and awards etc. This will display on foodpod main screen.
Image photo Used as the main image to identify your business. We recommend a wide screen shot of your logo. 

Opening Hours
The opening hours controls foodpod and if the current local time falls within the hours then permits customer to order.
If customer tries to order outside of hours then foodpod displays CLOSED.
Select each day and allow time to cook 

Helpful hints

Switching OFF foodpod Online Ordering
To temporarily switch off Online ordering. tap on Online Order page (as displayed above)
– In Opening Hours, Change the Time for the day and select CLOSED. Foodpod will still display your company details however will display Store is CLOSED.
– To remove your company from displaying on foodpod, you may also tap the DEACTIVATE ONLINE ORDERS (red button at the bottom of page) 
  When store opens again, simply tap the ACTIVATE. All previous details will be available when you activate.

Unavailable Stock
If one of your products are temporarily unavailable. and you want to take it off the menu, Go to Left Menu > Products > tap on the product. then switch OFF the “Available Online” option. When product is available again, simply switch it ON.  

foodpod is now live

Its time to see your products on foodpod.

The foodpod app is available either on the AppStore or Google Play.
The app is available for smart phones or tablets. but not available on windows or any internet browser.

How to download the foodpod app

  • Search and download
    Search ‘foodpod’, download and your store should be displayed ready for your customers to purchase your products
  • Use QR code
    Scan QR code and automatically download the foodpod app ( see  below for more info on QR code)

Creating a QR code

The QR code is a means for quickly downloading the foodpod app. Anyone walking into your store can use their smart phones camera to download the  foodpod app. 

Create your own QR code for your shopfront, or for your social media advertising. 
There are many free sites that creates a QR code. here is an example

Enter the link for foodpod, then download or copy the QR code to your advertising.

foodpod link : 

The link is above determines if user scans using an Apple or Android device and redirects the to the appropriate devices download portal. 

Below is the QR code generated for your purpose.


Advanced QR code creation - deep link to menu & table numbers

There are extension you can add to the QR code. Once the app is downloaded, when the QR code is scanned, the QR Code extensions can open your menu directly. 

  • Direct link to YOUR MENU : Once app is downloaded, the second time your customer scans the QR code, will not only open foodpod, but deep link directly to your menu.

Here is the link for direct link to your menu. {your company login}&branchcode={your three digit branch code}


  • Direct Link to YOUR MENU and TABLE NUMBER : Once app is downloaded, the second time your customer scans QR code, will not only open foodpod but deep link to your menu AND select option of table number and display the table number as the order type. If you want the table number to appear automatically, then you need to create a unique QR code for each table, that is a QR code with Table number. 
Here is the link for direct link to your menu {your company login}&branchcode={your three digit branch code}&table={table name or number}
example 23


Replace the Your company login with the Company Login you use when you are signing in to ClickPOS App. 

Branch Code is the first 3 digits on displayed as INVOICE NUMBER on receipt. Or you may find it when you tap BRANCH details on top left menu of ClickPOS app. 

Table number is found and needs to be identical to the table numbers as displayed on ClickPOS app where it displays Table number.