April 23, 2020

Cloud POS – API Application

The Application Programming Interface (API) allows ClickPOS to pass data to and from other software that your company may be using.

For example, You may choose to use a particular web portal for online sales, we can update product catalogue, stock levels and sales data.
This integration eliminates double handling of information by creating a seamless or timely updates.

API fees

The API creates a connection between systems and primarily passes data. Our fees are based on the amount of data being passed to & from the ClickPOS systems.
There are systems that requires updates once a week, for example a weekly summary reporting, which may use very little data transfer, and other systems require instant transaction updates, which transfers a lot more data.
ClickPOS monitors the amount of data being transferred and informs clients for any optimisation that may be required or provide guidance for best possible solution.

The fees consist of
– Building the API   (For connecting to a new system)
– Setup fee             (For list of partners below)
– Monthly fee          (Price based on amount of data being transferred) 

Please fill the application for those interested in the integration.   
If you require a new connection we can provide a quotation.
For any other queries email sales@clickpos.com for more information