July 23, 2020

Connecting devices to iPad

How to connect receipt printers, cash drawer, pair eftpos, install iPad Casing.

Select the relevant youtube video for instructions and guidance.

Supported Apple devices
iOS software version  11 and above.
iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. iPad Air, Air 2 and 5th-gen iPad, iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4, All iPad Pros. and 6th-gen iPod Touch 

Epson receipt printers
Epson Intelligent range of printers,  The Epson TMT30  bluetooth, or others with  LAN capable.
NOTE: the bluetooth printers are limited to connecting to one apple device only. In order for printer to connect to multiple apple devices you require to connect printers to physical LAN cables to the internet router and use IP address to connect. (Eg. Table orders in a restaurant using multiple devices to print in the Kitchen)  

Tutorial shows how to connect the  Power, Cashdrawer and iPad USB power cables to an Epson M30 Bluetooth printer.
UT500   2:16 minutes
Connecting Bluetooth Printer to ClickPOS App. 
Includes station printing, for fast food stores that wish to provide an Order number to a customer, to call when food is ready.  
UT510   3:28 minutes
Connecting a Network Printer to ClickPOS App. 
Includes station printing, for restaurant type businesses with kitchen orders, Printing the order straight to the kitchen improves efficiency. Add as many station prints as your business requires, including Barista, the Bar, or the Kitchen. 
If you do not wish to install network cabling, you may purchase Bluetooth printers which may require signal boosters for uninterrupted connection. 
UT520   4:03 minutes

Connecting a Epson TM L90 Linerless Label Printer to ClickPOS App. 
Epson TM L90 is designed to print labels and receipts. What makes it more special is that it can print Linerless adhesive labels. 
These labels are used for food packaging and identifying the packaged purchase. Uses include Bubble tea shops, burger shops, even coffee cups. ClickPOS has option to print one label per item under the menu category.

ClickPOS can only connect to Ethernet version of printer.

Connecting a plug and play Buzzer to Kitchen printer. 
Most buzzers are connected to the printer cashdrawer plug and a melody plays as it prints. A buzzer is used by Restaurant kitchens, plays a melody or chime  sound for noisy kitchens to highlight a new order is printed.
UT530   1:53 minutes
Enable Epson Buzzer option and Melody sounds of Epson OT-BZ20 . 
Video shows how to Enable the kitchen buzzer option on Epson TM-M30.
Unlike other buzzers, the Epson buzzer does not play out of the box.  in order to hear the buzzer, you need change the Printers buzzer settings as it is Disabled by default. This is only applicable for the Epson OT-BZ20 model M251A buzzer.
The end of video also plays the different options of melody.
The kitchen buzzer, is attached to a printer in the restaurant kitchen. The buzzer plays a melody sound each time a new order is printed. 
UT531   3:09 minutes

Pairing Westpac Eftpos to ClickPOS App –  Westpac mx51. 
Having Eftpos connection is crucial given majority of customer payments are made by card. As you finalise the sale, simply select Eftpos payment, and the amount is automatically displayed on the Eftpos terminal which avoids manually typing and user errors.
Connect eftpos terminal to same wi-fi connection as ClickPOS.
On terminal press  ENTER  and 3 
to see wi-fi connection menu

Click here to learn How to Pair Westpac Eftpos to ClickPOS App  

Pairing Tyro Eftpos to ClickPOS App
Tyro eftpos connects via the internet, this means you may have multiple Apple devices connected to the one Eftpos terminal. For example, if you have several Registers sharing the one eftpos. Having Eftpos connection is crucial given majority of customer payments are made by card. As you finalise the sale, simply select Eftpos payment, and the amount is automatically displayed on the Eftpos terminal which avoids manually typing in saving you hours every day.

Click here for Tyro setup and user guide

Elo Paypoint register basics
Basics of Elo PayPoint register. Elo paypoint is an all-in-one register designed to use in conjunction with an iPad, turning your iPad into a stunning point of sale system.
HW90   1:41 minutes

Administration documents (Support centre)

Below offers more helpful hints and user preferences

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