January 9, 2023

Telecom Retail pos system

Telecom retail point of sale system

Telecom retail includes unique requirements. ClickPOS Web software has been designed from ground up to cater for all the necessary tools for the industry. 
Since 1999 ClickPOS has supplied the biggest independent retailers. ClickPOS web is accessed via a web browser, so you can access it via any internet browser.  

Features for telecom retailer

Telecommunications retailer requirements includes day to day point of sale for accessory sales, device sales, with serialised tracking, captures customer details, repairs and other functionality . Here is a brief listing of features

Perform stocktake on serialised items like phones, tablets and accessories

Integrated eftpos to major banks

Sell multiple handsets in Batch. Simply copy and paste all the imei numbers. System will check if all is in stock and process as if you are scanning one by one. You may sell Plans the same way by simply adding mobile numbers.

Sale screen allows different views. Tap or scan and sell. All at your fingertips no matter where in the world you may be, simply use your internet browser to sign in.