November 28, 2022

Fish & Chips shop POS system

Fish and Chips POS system includes all the right tools for counter orders, fully integrated online orders. For busy shops, create multiple order stations

Minimal staff training required. Easy to navigate and step by step sales process. 
Print various types of order dockets or adhesive labels so the customer can identify packaged orders

Setup for Burger and Fish & Chips point of sale

A typical Burger and Fish & Chips point of sale system requires the following recommended hardware.

At the front counter.
– An iPad as the main POS
– Recommended printer for front counter, which can print order docket, customer receipt, eftpos receipt and end of day balances.
– A Cashdrawer for those taking cash payments.

Telephone orders
– An iPad near the telephone may be ideal for those busy taking phone orders.
– Share the printer to print from multiple iPads by connecting the printer to Ethernet.

Label printing
– An option to print adhesive labels for packaged orders.

Foodpod. Free online ordering app.
A convenient online ordering app that integrates directly to ClickPOS. 

Eftpos integration
Faster sales by integrating to recommended eftpos providers

Customer facing display
Download the free display app to enhance customer experience.

Choose your own Eftpos Integration

Connects seamlessly to Eftpos, including Tyro, Westpac, Till Payments and others

Performance at your fingertip

See takings and powerful reporting on your iPhone on all your stores.