December 7, 2022

ClickPOS pair Westpac VX-690 eftpos

Pairing Westpac VX-690 to ClickPOS

By pairing your ClickPOS to an eftpos terminal, allows you to tap on a payment button on ClickPOS, so the final sale amount can automatically display on the eftpos terminal, thus making the sale process faster and avoid user errors.

In this instruction, learn to Pair your Westpac vx-690 to ClickPOS. It will also guide you to add a payment button on clickpos sales menu.

Before you can pair the Eftpos terminal, you must connect to your wi-fi on the Eftpos terminal
The wi-fi must be the same as the one being used on ClickPOS wi-fi. More info can be found VX-690 eftpos user guide

On the eftpos terminal

On Terminal press ENTER + 3     You will see the following screen with a Serial number.
You will need the serial number to enter into clickpos below.

On ClickPOS, Setup a payment type and pair to eftpos

Now go to ClickPOS
1. Tap left menu bar > Settings > Payments
2. Tap + on top right
3. Select SPI from Tab
4. Enter a name that will be displayed on the sale screen eg “Efpos”  or “Westpac”
5. Enable Express Pay. This option will display the button on main sale page.
6. Save

7. Then tap Connect Eftpos

  1. Select Provider name, in this example “Westpac Presto”

9. Enter the Serial Number you see on the Terminal, this must be identical to the one on terminal
10. Press SAVE

13. The terminal will now display a 6-digit secret key. This 6-digit secret key will also be displayed on the POS. Please ensure both POS and terminal is showing the same key to continue with the pairing. Press ‘Yes’ on the terminal screen to confirm the key.

14. Complete setup

Note: You may have to tap Pair with Eftpos several times to get the connection.

The Eftpos terminal will only stay on Paring mode for 60 seconds, if time lapses, then tap (No 11) on Pair to POS again and repeat the process on ClickPOS (number 12)

Now you may go to sale screen and make a sale using the integrated eftpos Please follow the instruction on screen and printed docket for integrated messages for successful and declined transactions.