November 28, 2022

Mobile food van POS system

Mobile food van POS Space is crucial, use an iPad for taking orders & a bluetooth printer. Take online orders and deliver directly to customer.

Space is everything in a food van, which is why you can choose a range of iPads and stands to suit your need.

Minimal staff training required. Easy to navigate and step by step sales process. 
Regular customers can pre-order using the foodpod app.  Requires 4G or 5G internet within the van.

Setup for Mobile food van point of sale system

We recommend the following hardware to operate with ClickPOS point of sale system

At the customer service counter.
– An iPad as the main POS
– Recommended printer, which can print order docket, customer receipt, eftpos receipt and end of day balances.
– A Cashdrawer for those taking cash payments.

Wi-fi and Internet modem.
You will require 4G/5G mobile internet modem within the vehicle. The connection will allow ClickPOS to operate and integrate your eftpos terminal.

Printer and power outlets
A Bluetooth capable printer is recommended.

Requires power outlet for printer, and iPad

KEY FEATURES - Takeaway point of sale system
Customer facing display with promotional images

Enhance customer experience with customer facing display. Displays each item sold, total payable & promotional advertising images.
Search & download the ClickPOS Customer Display from Appstore.

Choose your own Eftpos Integration

Connects seamlessly to Eftpos, including Tyro, Westpac, Till Payments,  

Performance at your fingertip

See takings and powerful reporting on your iPhone on all your stores.