August 19, 2018

Supplier Chain Relationships

Supplier Relationships

ClickPOS have built valuable partnerships and relationships with supplier chains to open transparency with inventory management. 
We completely understand managing stock and related affairs can be time consuming and costly to any business, 

We also understand that not having thorough inventory management can create a negative effect on your business.
Our supplier alliance will allow you to become proactive in upcoming product launches and eliminate unnecessary product information entry.

The information provided is not managed by ClickPOS and is imported based on information acquired from supplier chains.


Brightstar Logistics

Brightstar serve carrier, retail and enterprise customers across 57 countries, delivering one of every 23 devices sold worldwide. They operate at every stage of the device lifecycle providing integrated services that seamlessly link with their customers’ businesses. They help companies transform their business.

Delight your customers and stay at the forefront of the accessories market with timely new product launches and accessory exclusives, at the best prices and ideal terms. What’s more, Brightstar can help you manage sell-in and maximize value with store-staff training.


Cellnet Group Limited

Established in 1992, Cellnet Group Ltd is a market leader in distribution, warehousing & logistics with centres in Australia, New Zealand and China. Cellnet distributes and markets products on behalf of a number of the world’s leading vendors and in doing so, delivers the best solutions for today’s business, corporate and online retail environments.

Cellnet’s experience in the smartphone, tablet and consumer lifestyle market allows them to deliver cutting edge technology from many of the world’s leading manufacturers. Cellnet blend specialised knowledge and service focused culture to ensure you are well equipped to meet the needs of your customer base.


CMI Accessories

From the beginning, CMI recognised that the most important part of their business was, and always will be you, their customer. By tailoring themselves to customer needs CMI have evolved their product range and presentation thus delivering on their promise daily.

CMI have evolved into a proud well known and respected organization – by introducing and providing innovative high quality products and exceeding customer expectations they continue to experience significant growth.

With a client base that extends throughout Australia, CMI service at both national level such as the TLA, Telstra Licensed Stores & Business Centres, Leading Edge Telecoms, Network Communications, Mo’s Mobiles Australia, Foodworks, Battery World Australia plus many independents and online stores.


Force Technology

Since 1992, Force have established partnerships with the best and most innovative, market leading brands to service the Australian and New Zealand retail sector. And still today, Force believe they have the best portfolio of brands and products for the mobile lifestyle products market. In addition to this they have over 25 years’ experience in product design, brand development and manufacturing to bring to market their proprietary brands, to further enhance and complement their complete product portfolio. They listen to the market and work hard to ensure they deliver market relevant and desirable products, that enhance customer’s lifestyles.

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