Restaurant setup

Hardware for a typical restaurant with a front cash register, kitchen printer and mobile table order tablets.

A typical setup for FRONT REGISTER POS.
Receipt printer, printer enclosure which is the stand for iPad.
Your choice of iPad size (we recommend the 12.9″ screen size for busy menus) and a universal connect adaptor which is stuck to the back of ipad for connection to the enclosure.
A cash drawer,

Kitchen printer and a Buzzer to sound a ring on new orders

Mini iPads or iPhones with optional hand straps. Add Universal connect adaptor for each iPad..


A typical restaurant includes the front register, which can be used for nominating a table number being used for customers,m entering table orders, and entering take out orders.

In addition, if you take orders from tables, invest in additional tablets such as mini ipads or even iPhones. The orders will be taken identifying the table number and all orders will be directed to appropriate stations such as the kitchen, bar and barista.