Bluetooth barcode scanner for iOS

$295.00 Ex G.S.T

Use this bluetooth scanner to scan and sell items.


This bluetooth Barcode Scanner scans standard barcodes (linear/1D) and QR barcodes, making it ideal for events and point-of-sale use. With the ability to add vibration and audio after each scan, you can customise your POS-mate Wireless Barcode Scanner to your needs.

Pair scanner to your iPad.
Use the scanner to scan product barcode to quickly sell.
Scan order dockets to retrieve previous sales.

  • This scanner can be used with both standard barcodes and QR codes on printed surfaces and screens.
  • It connects via Bluetooth or with USB dongle.
  • It’s compatible with Square for iPadOS and Square Stand. Not compatible with Square for Andriod or Square Terminal.
  • It works with iOS, Andriod, MacOS and Windows.
  • You can turn scanning sounds and vibrations off and on based on your preferences.
  • It comes with a charging dock, cable, a 2.4 GHz dongle and an instruction manual.