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For those that have an iPad, or budget conscious, you may purchase a pre-loved used iPad from many online sources such as Ebay. We can supply the rest of the hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers, printer enclosures.

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Pre loved iPads will work on ClickPOS App. ClickPOS does not require high end or latest iPad.
The iPad at the register can be powered so battery time is not an issue, however if you are using an iPad on the go such as taking table orders, then we recommend you buy a device with good battery life to get you through a days trading.

If you are considering using your older iPad or buying a second hand one, please note that 1st and 2nd generation iPads are not supported as iPad operating system iOS has changed (These iPads were released in 2011)

ClickPOS is designed to work even on an iPhone, so an older iPad 9.7 inch screen will work fine.
The only consideration is that the larger the screen, the more products you will see on each menu item. The items can be displayed as Tiled, or a List format for you to choose.

We are happy to supply the rest of the hardware such as Printers, Cash drawers, iPad stands and enclosures, Connection to eftpos and for food business kitchen printers, buzzers and table order brackets.