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iPad Pro 12.9 offers powerful performance and large display which makes it suitable for a wide range of POS based solutions including use as a fixed terminal, a self-ordering tableside terminal, or an interactive digital signage display. We offer a wide range of mounting solutions and accessories to help you enable the full functionality of the device.

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iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
iPad Pro. Anything you can do, you can do better.

12.9-inch Retina display 4th Gen

Use for front register to take orders and connect to docket printer and cashdrawer.
12.9 inch screen is the largest display available and can be used for large product range as the screen fits more products on to the screen. Perfect for restaurant with many items on the menu.

Recommended features
Storage : the minimum 128GB is sufficient as ClickPOS does not use hard disk space
Connectivity In store usage : Wi-Fi only is sufficient as ClickPOS will connect using wi-fi store. However a Cellular option can be used as a backup internet connection.
Connectivity mobile usage : if using ClickPOS on the run, then choose an iPad with Cellular option to connect to internet.
Keyboard : ClickPOS is designed for touchscreen, and does not require a keyboard. however if your business requires extensive data entry then a keyboard can be used.

How to Connect the iPad to the POS Enclosure
Use a Lockbelt or a Universal connect adaptor onto the pos enclosure

  • Lockbelt : Connects the tablet to the pos enclosure by clamping to the tablet. tightened by screws. The lockbelt can be removed however you need to order the appropriate lockbelt size to match the iPad size. Lockbelts are available in 10.2 inch or 12.9 inch.
  • Universal connect adaptor : Adhesive connector that you need to stick onto the back of the iPad. The connector comes with double sided adhesive

Colour: Available in Space Grey, Silver, Gold
Storage: 128GB,
Connectivity: Wi-fi only, Wi-fi + Cellular
Warranty: 12 months warranty, or an optional 24 months of AppleCare+ which includes additional support and damage coverage