April 23, 2020

Cloud POS – Account Suspension/Reactivation Request

Our standard policy does not include a Suspension of an account. This is due to the cost of co-location of ClickPOS application. In other words the system  and database is being warehoused at high end facilities and the cost of these are still being incurred for each account that is housed, regardless of use. 

However due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, we are allowing the suspension of accounts until 30 May 2020
Your account will automatically be available on 01 June 2020 and the billing for the service will be charged starting June 2020. 
Alternatively you may reduce your licences to a minimum to keep your account. This means you need a minimum of 1 store licence.

A Suspension means you will not have access to ClickPOS after the end of the current month of requesting the suspension. 
During suspension, your database will not be deleted and will be available after 01 June 2020  The billing for the ClickPOS service will re-commence on 01 June 2020.
Please fill the form below to suspend your account. The suspension will commence at the end of current billing month.

If you require to access the ClickPOS system but wont be trading as per normal during the pandemic, then our advice will be to reduce user licence rather than suspending.
To do this please go to  Request to Add or Remove Consecutive User Licence ( Form: CUSER )

If you require to re-activate your account before 30 May 2020,  simply enter your details in the form below and choose re-activate option. We will advise you the account is activated.