April 21, 2020

Takeaway POS system

Takeaway POS system. ClickPOS is designed for takeaway shops

ClickPOS has all the features you need for a takeaway pos system. Speed, simplicity, and best of all its competitive pricing. Use an iPad as the main point of sale, connecting to receipt printer, cashdrawer and eftpos.

Requires minimal training, iPads offering incredibly sensitive touch screen to increase to speed of sales, integration to eftpos, customer facing display and one or more printing at multiple stations at once.

Takeaway shop pos system

The video shows general functionality of ClickPOS.

If you already have an iPad or an iPhone, you can download the ClickPOS app on your device.
Enter your menu and trial it for free. 
For assistance simply email help@clickpos.com  

Setup for Takeaway point of sale system

A typical Takeaway point of sale system requires the following recommended hardware.

At the front counter.
– An iPad as the main POS
– Recommended printer for front counter, which can print order docket, customer receipt, eftpos receipt and end of day balances.
– A Cashdrawer for those taking cash payments.

Telephone orders
– An iPad near the telephone may be ideal for those busy taking phone orders.
– Share the printer to print from multiple iPads by connecting the printer to Ethernet.

Label printing
– An option to print adhesive labels for packaged orders.

Foodpod. Free online ordering app.
A convenient online ordering app that integrates directly to ClickPOS. 

Eftpos integration
Faster sales by integrating to recommended eftpos providers

Customer facing display
Download the free display app to enhance customer experience.

KEY FEATURES - Takeaway point of sale system
Customer facing display with promotional images

Enhance customer experience with customer facing display. Displays each item sold, total payable & promotional advertising images.
Search & download the ClickPOS Customer Display from Appstore.

ClickPOS is perfect for takeaways

Your new staff will instantly familiarise with the navigation of menu.
ClickPOS includes powerful features to create combinations of food sale process.

  • To sell, simply tap on product and then the payment type button.

  • Sell items with price variation, like a coffee which has different price for each Size,  then Addons like, milk types, sweeteners and coffee strength. These addons can be grouped and colour coded with optional images, so its easy to identify when selling.

  • You can also create and sell Deals where a selection of existing menu categories are included. When selling user is guided with a simple step-by-step process.

Once selections are complete, the receipt printer can print various order dockets.

The dockets can be printed for each category eg, coffee orders will print to the barista, and hamburger orders from the same or on other printer. 
You can also print a copy for customer with a unique number for calling when foods ready for pickup.

Here are some Takeaway specific features

Including being able to sell Deal, price variations on size, included ingredient and addons.

Free inclusions
Print order dockets and labels

Print Order dockets or adhesive labels for packaged orders

Choose your own Eftpos Integration

Connects seamlessly to Eftpos, including Tyro, Westpac, Till Payments,  

Performance at your fingertip

See takings and powerful reporting on your iPhone on all your stores.

Free online ordering app

foodpod online ordering app is developed by ClickPOS which integrates directly to your point of sale. Your customers can order, make payment and order is displayed ready to print dockets and prepare the order.

Foodpod intro video

Order your hardware

Suitable hardware for your store.
Buy your own iPad that supports latest iOS.
We can supply all other hardware such as printers, cashdrawers, consumables.
Supported thermal printers : Epson, Star, Element 
Supported connection type: Ethernet, Bluetooth

Kitchen hardware

As order is taken, relevant items are printed in the kitchen. Recommend an Ethernet connection.

Supported thermal printers : Epson, Star
Supported connection type: Ethernet