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Telstra dealers/licensees Brightstar VSO integration

14/08/2010 8:15:01 PM

Brightstar supplies mobile telephone handsets and logistics to all Telstra dealers across Australia. Brightstar have now released the new VSO ordering portal that will enable ClickPOS customers that have Telstra retail outlets to order via the VSO and have integration to their purchase orders. The new process will enhance the ordering process to give Telstra dealers a seamless experience.

The basic VSO process includes, 
1. A recommendation of handsets that will be promoted in coming campaigns via Telstra dealerships. 
2. System evaluates dealers/licensees current sales and stock holdings and prepares a Suggested order.
3. The order is accepted by the dealers/licensees,
4. The details of the order are automatically uploaded to ClickPOS, ready to be receipted. 
Other features include, the list of new handsets and product details are automatically uploaded to each dealers ClickPOS system.

 VSO Portal User Guide v12.pdf

To have access to the new VSO ordering please contact Brightstar

ph: +61 3 8623 0309


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