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The pricing is dependent on your requirements, There are several factors to consider;

1. ClickPOS licence requirements
2. Any integration that may be offered in your region. Eg. Financial integration, Eftpos integration, CRM integration etc.
3. Point of sale hardware
4. If you wish to host the systems on your servers or let us provide an all in one solution.
5. Onsite User training

ClickPOS Licence requirements
ClickPOS licensing is broken into 3 types of payments, first two are compulsory, the third is optional.

    1. Store setup fee  
  Upfront fee for each store / department within the company.  
   2. Monthly store licence  
  A small monthly fee payable for each store. Each store comes with 1 user access licence. 
Examples of store/department : Retail store, Head Office, Stock Control department 
   3. Monthly Consecutive licences  
     Additional user licences you can add or remove at any stage.
Identify how many additional computers will operate ClickPOS at any given time. Remember, you receive 1 licence with each store under "Monthly store licence"
So how many additional persons will access the system ?
For Example: if you have 3 computers in one store, then you require 2 consecutive licences. 
The consecutive user licences can be added or removed. During busy months, you may increase the licences, then remove them when not so busy.
Examples of licence requirements
Below is a retail outlet with 3 stores + 1 head office.  The "Head office" keeps all stock to be distributed to stores. If you do not hold stock at head office then you do not require this department.
The company also has requirements for 8 persons to login at any point in time. You have 4 licences, 1 for each store, and  4 more consecutive licences. So a total of 8 users that can login at any given time. 

Please note that the licence is not specific to an employee. Unlike most software out on the market, we do not restrict by named user. The licences can be shared among any employee in the company. 
You may add unlimited employees to ClickPOS, but at any given time, the system will limit how many that can login at any point in time.
With above example, the company may have 50 employees in ClickPOS, but only 8 persons can login at any point in time.
Below is an example of licence structure.
  Description Store Licence  Consecutive licence  Licence requirements
Retail stores Store 1       1      1 2 computers
Store 2       1      - 1 computer
Store 3       1      - 1 computer
Head office Stock control       1      - 1 computer
Manager      1 1 consecutive licence
Accountant      1 1 consecutive licence
Sales Rep      1     1 consecutive licence
TOTAL       4      4  8