How can a CRM help your telecommunications business?

Being a representative within the telecommunications industry is unlike any other retail business and can be complicated with loads paper trails and plenty of headaches.

Over the past 6 months ClickPOS have evaluated several CRM packages to offer our client base, all of which basically do the same thing.


We chose SugarCRM Professional because it was not only much more cost effective but had more features than others in comparison.

Salesforce & Oracle costs approximately $25,000 per annum, where SugarCRM costs approximately $2,400.

$25,000 certainly does not compliment the costs and service ClickPOS offer

ClickPOS currently use SugarCRM for internal process and it has transformed all aspects of our business.
We liked the product so much we are now a SugarCRM partner.
With our knowledge of the telecommunication industry plus our expertise in SugarCRM means that we can offer the best possible practice for your business.


Below is a list of requirements that were generally expected from the chosen CRM.

1)    Import data files from any source. Including POS and carrier provided lists for expiring contracts
2)    Track contract end dates and assign to users or teams.
3)    Build and assign customers to specific users either by automated and/or manual methods.

       (Leads, Opportunities, etc..)
4)    Customers to have multiple products assigned to them.
5)    Digital documents and attachments.
6)    The ability to generate quotes.
7)    Merge duplicate data.
8)    Accessible from a PDA or via remote web access.
9)    Can be run on an self managed server or externally hosted.
10)  Link to MS Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks & more.
11)  Call centre capabilities.


Some of our clients required the CRM to operate independently with no integration from ClickPOS, where others required integration.
All of which is possible with SugarCRM.
You have two options.

No Integration from ClickPOS


Use the CRM system independently. You can export customer and plan expiry details from

ClickPOS and import it directly into SugarCRM’s opportunities section then assign to staff or stores.

From there you can evaluate staff progress on upgrade conversions.


The fees for the product is as advertised on Sugar’s website. (US$360/user/yr)
We will order on your behalf, and forward you the login detail. We can offer telephone or on-site  

training by the hour or day. You can opt to integrate to ClickPOS any time in the future.

CRM Integration from ClickPOS  

The integration includes the upload of plan expiry details directly into SugarCRM.  
This includes customer details, plan, handset, value of contract, etc...


The fees for the product is as advertised on Sugar’s website. (US$360/user/yr)
We will order on your behalf, and forward you the login details. 
Integration includes, out of contract customers, handset, plan and value of the original contract.