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Manage all aspects of your business by integrating ClickPOS to industry specific partner services, including
Suppliers product catalogue, Accounting software, EFTPOS integration, CRM integration, Web services and many others.

     Supplier Alliance - FREE SERVICE  
  The Supplier Alliance’s  primary function is fill the missing link between the supplier and the retailer by offering visibility of all participating suppliers product catalog within ClickPOS. The retailer will simply tick the products they want, and add to their own catalogue. Benefit to retailer will be to avoid lengthy process of adding new product lines, and the ability to sell items even if its currently not in your catalogue.
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     EFTPOS Merchant Banking  
  Card payment tendering is easier than ever. ClickPOS provides seamless integration to processing debit and Credit cards, via secure web interface. Overnight deposit to any major bank account offering extremely competitive merchant banking rates.

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     Xero Accounting software  

ClickPOS is proud to announce the integration to Xero accounting system. What’s unique about Xero is, it is cloud based, just like ClickPOS.  It is so easy to integrate, you search for dates, ClickPOS displays transactions, and then simply click one button to transfer the details to Xero. 

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     SMS feature  
    A powerful feature that provices centralised sms messaging. Send  message to you customers, to your staff, or receive company performance details as the owner.
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     SugarCRM - Customer Relations Manager  

SugarCRM integration offers Customer and sales integration.
SugarCRM is a popular CRM for those that operate call centres, B2B sales, on the road sales reps and so on.

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     Paradise Integration  (Telstra TBC's)  
    The integration includes regular data feeds from ClickPOS directly in to Paradise. The data includes, Sales, Stock count & Product catalogue.

Paradise is developed by MyIT centre and features, CRM, ERP, Campaigning module, Retail concierge, Staff & project management, Customer satisfaction and Statistics module.